Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Driving Instructions and signs

Road signs :

Ramp test 01: Engage first gear , move forward slowly until you reach the stop line and stop your vehicle. Always positionyour vehicle betweenthe yellow broken lines.Biting point slowly release your clutch until you feel some light resistance through the clutch pedal. feel the engine sound.

Ramp test 02: Feel the vehicle slightly tempt to move.This feeling is what we called Bitting point,
This is the point in fact the clutch plates meet the power begins to be transferred between the engine and gear box. Engage reverse gear and reverse close to the yellow line. When your shoulder reaches the end of the ramp wall, full turn to the left and stop.

Warning signs :

Ramp test 03: Engage in first gear, move forward slowly to park in between the dummy cars.
Engage in reverse gear. Reverse slowly - once your front wheels are perpendicular to the cones, turn steering wheel fully to the right and come backward and stop. Do not touch the white continous lines.

Traffic signs :

L parking for Bus : 1- Position the tyre of the bus 30- 50 centimeters parallel to the line.

                                  2- When the tyre reaches the corner of the curb, make 1 full right turn.

                                  3- Once the rear tyre reaches the end of the curb, make 1 full left turn and wait until the bus become straight. Once the bus become straight, make another 1 ful left turn and back to the original position or starting point.
Some signs with detail :

Fnny signs :


Monday, October 17, 2011

Best wallpaper of mowasalat and area


                              karwa taxi

                           Karwa Accomodation

                       Karwa taxi

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Karwa Mowasalat : A transport company in Qatar, and a World recognized Training centre.
Mowasalat, popularly known as the “The Transport Company” in Qatar, started its activities by providing land transport services and solutions in October 2004. Mowasalat has a broad Mission of being “a regional leader in the provision of integrated ground transport services.”

Mowasalat has widened its reach by offering several solutions to fulfill the variety of requirements by providing Airport Taxi, Standard Taxi, VIP Limousine, Standard Limousine, Public Bus Service, School Bus Service, and Private Hire Bus and Coach Services.

Karwa accomodation
Location: New Training Center Bldg. Karwa City St 37, Industrial Area
                  Post : 1186, Doha, Qatar                       
                  Tel: (00974) 44588935
                  Fax: (00974) 44588934
                  Mob: (00974) 55753525
               * Qatar Driving License Course
               1 Defensive Driving Course
               2 Instructors Course
               3 Emergency Response Vehicle Training

Profile : The company Mowasalat which is providing comprehensive and integrated ground transport services in State of Qatar is also engaged in giving any individuals or corporate the opportunity to experience modern and safe driving by enrolling in its Driving Centre as one of the business units of the Company.
The Karwa Driving School, more popularly known as Karwa Transportation Training & Development Centre (KT-TDC), is run by a team of accredited experts and multilingual driving instructors who fully understand customer needs. It is a driving school with continuous expansion that provides its clients with the highest quality driving facilities, convenient and comprehensive driving courses, and continuous development of quality services with world class learner theory sessions that provide its graduates with the safest driving record.

The Training Centre and its teaching materials are accredited by the “City & Guilds” and “Smith Defensive Driving System”. It is the first driving school in Qatar to receive the ISO 9001:2008 Certification. It has introduced new competitive and affordable training fee packages.

Accredited by National Safety Council, the training center is the first port of call to all drivers joining Karwa and the massages conveyed during training set the scene for company commitment to achieve excellent public customer service, it delivers learners driver training and professional defensive courses, the learning methodology employed will consist of classroom lectures, discussion, interaction, simulator and practical application on the road giving both its individual and corporate clients to receive the best services they deserve.

Karwa parking